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we love superdentist because even that Camila got very much dental work at a ery early eage and was a bit traumatized by the early experience, you have helped tremendously to overcome her fears by providing such fun and painless place for her!! As a matter of fact, every time we drive by she wants to stop in!! Now that speaks for it self...

i like the super dentist because you don't get board.And the people of the super dentist are nice..... :{)

Austin is 3 years old, even when it was his first trip to the dentist about six months ago, he did an amazing job! The staff at The Super Dentists were very comforting and nice to him, they explained everything they were going to do to him and he had no problem at all. Since then he has been seen two other times another 6 month cleaning and an appointment to get sealants on his teeth, each time he has been excited to come here, I would recommend the super dentists to everyone with children!

My daughter's first visit to the dentist was with the Super Dentist. I absolutely loved it and so did she. The staff was very attentive towards my daughter and when we left the office she kept saying she wanted to go back. The same day I told two of my friends about the Super Dentists so they can start taking their kids there.